Benefits of SharePoint Consulting

The Importance of a Microsoft SharePoint Consultant

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint has successfully curated a space in the technology world after its creation by helping companies and enterprises create a cooperative tool among teammates. Microsoft SharePoint prides in its high level of security, demystification and organization of large tasks. It is a 21st century platform that is used to augment companies’ work and its daily operations.

Microsoft SharePoint can be defined as a cloud based application used by organizations to enable employee collaboration and workflow dynamics. SharePoint automates Information dissemination, by granting the team access to information and contents.

Microsoft SharePoint is utilized across the world, with more than 250,000 companies signed up to use the platform for enhancing corporate work amongst teammates(remote/onsite workers).

Microsoft SharePoint gives the team the ability to share and store corporate content ranging from financials to meetings briefing to client’s details, could also be used for storing files and for web monitoring, including a variety of other features, all towards creating an environment that ensures work processes are easier and much more efficient.

At this point, we can now delve into details about SharePoint Consultant.

Firstly, we would need to define a SharePoint consultant.

A SharePoint Consultant

A SharePoint Consultant is the personnel who bridges the gap between SharePoint platform and a business client.

The SharePoint consultant stands as the mediator by ensuring each client gets the best out of the platform, maximizing their daily activities and usage, helping them to solve possible issues and lastly, to ensure efficient business experience.

Due to the user efficiency experience and incredible functionality of the platform, by increasing providing more tools for storing, sharing and managing contents and also for websites development, there seems to be a huge demand for SharePoint consultants with over 70% of Fortune 500 list of companies signed up to the platform, so as to create an enabling and efficient workspace for its workers.

Majorly, the demand for SharePoint consultants is to help companies to customize the platform to fit their products, and also, to get the best out of the platform.

SharePoint Consulting

Roles Of A SharePoint Consultant

The following are some of the responsibility of a SharePoint consultant;

  • Manages the set up for framework, layout, customization, design, installation, and servicing of the application.
  • Process creation and improvement.
  • Coordination and monitoring of processes for SharePoint.
  • Assign intranet interface to streamline departmental operations.
  • Create efficient workflow procedures to meet business needs.
  • Apply powershell commands deploy various extension features and solution bundles.
  • Automate process using timer task, configure handled communication data service and transfer current organizational classification from SQL server.
  • Utilize Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and customize the UI of the site to meet each client’s demands.
  • Utilize Web Pages and XML to create the messaging collaterals.
  • Provide a document reader for XML exports from the payroll system to the SharePoint section.
  • Create forms that are user-friendly for activities and tasks using JavaScript code and Http.
  • Create a stylesheet to complement the intranet site according to the marketing department’s policies.
  • Using CSS and JavaScript, create bespoke master pages and layouts that incorporate the client’s themes and style.
  • Hold talks with Senior managers to increase yield and business profit.

Reasons To Work With A SharePoint Consultant

Ever thought about working with a SharePoint consultant?

The following are reasons to employ a SharePoint consultant;

  • They Aid In The Formation Of Vision And Goals:

Setting your aims and objectives would help any business have a better user-experience on SharePoint.

In order to make the best out of a SharePoint application, you’ll need to answer some questions, e.g, What processes would you like to improve? What goals or missions have you set out to achieve?

A Microsoft SharePoint consultant can assist with all of these tasks. A SharePoint consultant is well experienced in deciphering your company’s needs and challenges. They will ensure that the SharePoint platform is designed and planned according to your specifications.

Microsoft SharePoint consultants will go through practically everything that is needed to guarantee that you get the best out of SharePoint. It is their duty to help create a platform that is customized and optimized to your company’s needs.

  • They Can Assist With The Setup And Installation Of Additional Features:

Due to SharePoint’s ever growing functionality, there are times when you need some complicated business processes and sometimes, faced with difficulties that require the incorporation of third-party tools and technologies with your SharePoint platform.

These are times where you need the help of a SharePoint consultant to assist you by integrating third-party tools and applications to extend SharePoint’s functionality and features.

Having integrated several of these third-party solutions with SharePoint, they will help boost your company’s efficiency and productivity while also meeting your business objectives.

  • Embracing the platform by companies and employees:

Due to the technicality and diversity of its features, users of SharePoint might find it quite daunting to navigate their way around the platform, which is where you need the help of a SharePoint consultant.

You need an expert who is quite experienced with using the platform and who could also teach your employees on basic operations and navigation of the platform.

And also, you need an expert who you could always reach out to when there is an issue beyond the company’s control.

  • Maximization of Profit:

SharePoint is relatively expensive to operate and manage, which will mean that any company making use of SharePoint would have a monthly/annual expectation, in terms of increasing yield and also reducing expenses.

One of the best ways to maximize profit would be to have a SharePoint consultant to help synchronize the platform with other systems/departments in the company to better understand work processes and how to be much more productive at them.

  • Less work, More productivity

A business operating in full scale or about to, would not want its employees to leave their duties to attend workshops or conferences, but the company still wants them to have a sizable knowledge on SharePoint.

Employing a SharePoint consultant would help to reduce the task of your workers, and they could still be trained internally on how to use the platform. This helps to reduce the workload of your employees and also increase productivity at work.

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