How SharePoint and Office 365 Address Top Business Challenges

Modern organizations of all sizes and across a wide range of industries face many of the same or very similar issues. Budget limitations, lack of communication, inefficiency, scheduling concerns, and poor technology utilization are just a few of the issues that Microsoft Office 365 may help you solve. With the support of a reliable and professional managed IT services firm, you can ensure that your company has all of the tools it needs to avoid or fix the issues listed above.

For decades, Microsoft Office has been the industry standard for business applications.

Microsoft introduced the first versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in late November 1990.

Imagine how much Microsoft Office has progressed since that time.

Below are some of the tools present in Office 365:

  1. Email, calendar and contact
  2. Social Collaboration
  3. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Publisher.
  4. SharePoint
  5. OneDrive
  6. Skype for Business

SharePoint is now widely regarded as the best collaboration solution on the planet. It is doing an excellent job, whether it is increasing productivity or improving workplace communication. As a result, it has been adopted by the majority of Fortune 500 firms to better address their organizational difficulties.

Previously, firms that had a difficult time managing their day-to-day operations are now at ease because of SharePoint. It comes with built-in collaboration features that are appropriate for enterprises of all sizes. Furthermore, it is specifically developed to address organizational difficulties that impede growth.

SharePoint is a cloud computing solution that may help your business compete by lowering costs, enhancing scalability and agility, and enabling mobility. The fact that 85 percent of Fortune 500 organizations use SharePoint attests to its success.

Here are some of the issues that SharePoint development will address. Let’s have a look at the details to learn more:

  • Find updated version of documents

How often do you doubt that the document you’re looking at is the most recent version? Many of us do it on a regular basis. Because SharePoint is a cloud-based platform, the most recent version of a document will be the only version available. If you have the opportunity, you can also look at older versions of the document. This is useful for keeping track of changes in the document.

  • Document Flows

How much time do staff devote to obtaining the necessary signatures? Automated workflows are a SharePoint solution to this problem.This SharePoint solution will help you save a significant amount of time. A document workflow for a variety of papers. After you’ve built up your workflow, all you have to do now is pass your document through it.

For example, you require the signature of members of your team on a project proposal. You could just transmit the proposal through the workflow instead of following them down for physical signatures or emailing them the proposal, which could get back-logged or lost in a pile of emails. They will be notified that their attention is required once you send it through. The document will go to the next stage if it has been approved. If one of the three requires modification, the document will be returned to the sender.

  • Mass communication

How can you better communicate with your employees? How can you encourage your employees to be more engaged? Emails abound, and we get a lot of them. If you’ve ever missed an essential internal memo because it was buried under the daily barrage of emails that many of us receive, then SharePoint is all you need.

SharePoint is capable of resolving this issue. Would you agree that if news was delivered via social media rather than email, you’d be more likely to pay attention or engage with it? That’s Yammer’s function.

Yammer is a social network for businesses. The layout is similar to the original Facebook design. The public success of information transmission via social media can be applied to a firm as well. Integrating a Yammer feed into your SharePoint platform is the SharePoint solution for this. Improved employee engagement, increased productivity, and improved team communication were three of the top mentioned benefits of Yammer, according to a poll of 10,000 Yammer users.

  • Consolidating Functions

Have you ever wondered, “What software should I use to complete a certain task?” If you have, you are probably frustrated by the fact that there are so many distinct applications, each from a different company. The Office 365 suite is included with SharePoint. The Office 365 suite includes a number of applications that can replace many of the programs you’re currently using. For instance, the Microsoft Teams app includes dozens of extensions such as Polly, Adobe Creative Cloud, Jira Cloud, Sign Easy, and others.

With these SharePoint Solutions, you can discover everything you need in one location, making it easy for you and your staff. It will boost your productivity, improve your communication, and aid in the development of a positive corporate culture. It sounds like a magical New Year’s resolve, doesn’t it?

What’s truly amazing is that it’s possible.

  • Boosts Productivity

It is critical for firms to make their employees feel linked to them in order to improve work collaboration. Only then will they be able to deliver high-quality results. At work, you’ll need the right tools to encourage teamwork. SharePoint includes Skype for Business, a social collaboration tool that will help them feel more integrated with the company.

  • Seamless Content Management

It’s not always easy to find the correct document at the right time. It becomes even more difficult when your company has a large amount of data. You don’t have to be concerned about anything with SharePoint. It comes with powerful content management capabilities to meet your needs.

  •  Multimedia File Management

Employees used to rely on email to deliver large video files, or they would use cloud services where data security was an issue. However, things have completely altered now. Managing multimedia files is no longer a difficult process for businesses thanks to the SharePoint feature.

  • Provides Useful Analytics

It’s simple to keep track of employee activity with the help of SharePoint analytics. Organizations can learn which tools are used the most by their personnel. This will assist you in effectively engaging with the workforce.

  • Time and cost for business meetings

Skype for Business is a sophisticated workplace communication solution that includes instant messaging, presence, voice calls for up to 250 users, and HD video conferencing for up to 5 users – and it doesn’t matter if the other user doesn’t have Skype because they can use it over the internet. By quickly and easily setting up conferencing, which is otherwise quite expensive, you can decrease the time and cost of traveling to meetings by using Skype for Business.

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