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Google Workspace Basic: A Complete Guide

Explaining Google Workspace Basic

Small business owners who are learning Google’s toolset frequently type in phrases such as “google workspace basic and business” and “Gmail free vs premium” into their browser. The tools provided in Google Workspace, which was recently renamed Google Workspace, appear to be the same ones that we all get for free—Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and so on.

But don’t be fooled by the widespread availability of free versions. There are significant variations between the free Google products and the Google Workspace versions.

Everyone with a Google account has access to a subset of the Google Workspace products, however having a Google Workspace account is not the same as having a Google account. Free access means limited access, which becomes a problem when the tools are needed for business.

For example, a photography business that wants to save hundreds of large photo files will find that the storage limit is far too low with free Google Drive access. Any business coping with the constraints of a basic Gmail account will find it inappropriate for use in their operations.

While team communication is available using free Google tools, Google Workspace has features that will help you improve how your team works.

Exclusive access to advanced interface features is one of the primary advantages of Google Workspace.
Google has consolidated its productivity and communication apps into a single UI that includes email, text, audio, video, and content management. This interface was recently released by the firm and is now available to Google Workspace users.

In the case of Google workspace implementation, our team will be happy to assist you in selecting a powerful set of tools to turn your office into a fully functional digital workplace.

Definition Of Google Workspace Basic

The most basic edition of Google WorkSpace that can support your business’s operations is Google WorkSpace Basic. Is it truly a fantastic option? Its features, as well as Google WorkSpace cost, are given below for your consideration.

An organization’s growth is determined by the cohesiveness of its team, which in turn influences its productivity. Individual project collaboration is one of the most important factors in a team’s ability to become more cohesive and productive.

Google WorkSpace enables you to successfully manage your business by allowing all of your team members to access and update documents, contacts, emails, and even appointments and events from a single platform. It’s also divided into a number of editions, each with its own set of features.

Google Workspace Package (Apps)

Google Workspace Package

The following are some of the highlights of this Google WorkSpace package:

  • Gmail (email service)
    It is likely to be the most prevalent mode of communication within your company, as well as between you and your clients or partners. You get a professional email with Google WorkSpace, and you can personalize your domain and that of your staff to resemble the company name rather than the standard You also get Customer Resource Management capabilities and mail tracking as a business, among other great benefits.
  • Google Calendar
    You may share calendars with Google WorkSpace to make it easier to organize appointments or events.
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
    They increase productivity by utilizing a cloud-based network. You can make changes to documents online and have them instantly visible to others in your network. The program seamlessly translates documents, sheets, and slides between their offline and online versions as needed. When you have a network interruption, it also saves an offline version and uploads it as soon as you are back online.
  • Google Drive
    You get 30 GB storage for your files which you can view automatically without having to exit the app or in the Google Docs app. It is a reliable backup space, and because it is cloud-based, you can access your files from any device or location as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Google Hangouts
    Easy to set up and join meetings using links. It is designed for business meetings and as such supports file sharing between the connected parties.

Administrative Functions

The following are the key administrative tools for your IT or admin staff:

  1. Manage user accounts and security settings from a centralized Admin Console.
  2. Control user access to all features and services supported within your network.
  3. Easily add and remove users, create groups, and set up SSO and two-factor authentication.
  4. Remote control of mobile fleets.
  5. Consumption tracking and analysis via reports and audits, storage usage monitoring, file sharing, security statistics, and a variety of other metrics.
  6. Reliable 24/7 service.

Pricing Method

Google workspace basic package costs 6 USD or the equivalent in your native currency. You can also obtain it for free if you meet the following criteria:

  1. If you run a non-profit organization, you don’t have to pay for Google WorkSpace Basic.
  2. If you run a school, you can get Google WorkSpace Basic Education, which is free.

Google Workspace For Personal Use

You may already be used to using a majority of Google’s tools for free, such as Gmail. As a result, you may believe they are merely small enhancements to how you have been working and hence unnecessary. If you can work without the requirement for collaboration or interoperability, Google WorkSpace will probably be unimportant to you. However, to determine whether your option is appropriate, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I have regular communication needs that can’t be met with regular phone calls? Consider the situation where you need to communicate with someone on the other side of the world.
  2. Is it necessary for me to collaborate on documents on a frequent basis?
  3. Does my existing email address contain all of my requirements?

If you responded yes to any of the following questions, you’ll need to upgrade your email to Google WorkSpace basic.

If you use Google WorkSpace instead of your current system, you will undoubtedly have more convenience.
The free version of Google WorkSpace is an excellent addition to your small business or freelance employment.

It serves as an IT alternative in a small organization, allowing employees to access and change data instantaneously, among other benefits. If you’re a freelancer, Google WorkSpace Basic lets you keep projects online so you can distribute them to clients faster, as well as access them from any location and device.

If you fall into one of these demographics, Google WorkSpace Basic is also reasonably priced to fit into your budget, and getting one would be a sensible move.


Google Workspace applications integrate with a variety of other applications: for example, a company might sync its Google Sheets and Salesforce to obtain insights and reduce data silos. Users may integrate Google Docs with Slack, allowing them to distribute papers to other users with details and updates.

Google promotes that the “no-cost Essentials Starter account” requires joining up with a work email, and that there is “no limited trial time.” As a result, the temptation to upgrade arises when a company outgrows the Starter edition and requires additional features.

Google is stopping new online sign-ups for the original Essentials package, which featured larger video meetings and greater storage (100GB per account, 2TB shared cloud storage) at $8 per user/month, with today’s launch. But existing clients will have access to it.

Overall, Google Workspace starter is a wonderful method for Google to entice more Google Workspace users by allowing them to accomplish real work before making the switch.

And, starting today, with Essentials Starter, employees at your company can make the transfer from legacy productivity tools to Google Workspace Basic and see the difference. Also you can take advantage of our Google Workspace Consulting Services to transfer from legacy productivity tools to Google Workspace Basic.

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