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Top 7 Advantages of SharePoint Integration Services That Businesses Should Know

Well more than 78 percent of Fortune 500 organizations rely on Microsoft SharePoint for business collaboration and its specific integration with Office365. Business leaders, no matter what industry they’re in, are always looking for a competitive advantage that will increase their organization’s ROI and give them a leg up on their competitors. Minimizing any delays […]

How SharePoint and Office 365 Address Top Business Challenges

Modern organizations of all sizes and across a wide range of industries face many of the same or very similar issues. Budget limitations, lack of communication, inefficiency, scheduling concerns, and poor technology utilization are just a few of the issues that Microsoft Office 365 may help you solve. With the support of a reliable and […]

Google Workspace Basic: A Complete Guide

Explaining Google Workspace Basic Small business owners who are learning Google’s toolset frequently type in phrases such as “google workspace basic and business” and “Gmail free vs premium” into their browser. The tools provided in Google Workspace, which was recently renamed Google Workspace, appear to be the same ones that we all get for free—Gmail, […]

What Is a Sharepoint Library? What are the Advantages of SharePoint Library for Businesses?

What Is A Sharepoint Library? Sharepoint library is a type of list in SharePoint that is used to store documents. It is also called Document Libraries. In SharePoint, each file is referred to as an item in the document library. For example, a document library on a SharePoint site can be used to hold all […]

What is the Role of a Microsoft Office 365 Consultant in a Business?

For decades, Microsoft only sold software to its office users as an independent program, which was usually upgraded to a newer version after 2-3 years, but there was an issue. Its users had to wait for almost 3 years before they could have access to a newer version or an upgraded version, which according to […]

The Importance of a Microsoft SharePoint Consultant

What is Microsoft SharePoint? Microsoft SharePoint has successfully curated a space in the technology world after its creation by helping companies and enterprises create a cooperative tool among teammates. Microsoft SharePoint prides in its high level of security, demystification and organization of large tasks. It is a 21st century platform that is used to augment […]

What is Google Workspace? Difference between Google Workspace and G Suite that everyone should know!

Google Workspace For Education Google Workspace is arguably one of the most used cloud-based applications worldwide, with its different applications experiencing a snowball effect in popularity and user-base. Google workspace has proven to be a suitable web-based application, after having millions of organizations using its platform. The choice of a cloud-based platform should be taken […]